Posted in General Fitness by Rogue Fitness on 14 June 2017

3 Steps to keep Motivated! By Alison Chambers

Motivation to get to the gym is a huge issue for many people.

Here are my top tips to remember when the struggle becomes real!

Step 1: Accept that you will not always feel 100% and train anyway.

This is probably the most important thing to remember and be prepared for.

90% of the time, your gym session is going to be epic, you’re going to give 100%, you’re going to feel fantastic.........but often it’s the other 10% that counts.

It is absolutely impossible to feel 100% and give 100% at every single gym session.

Often the most valuable gym sessions are the ones we were tempted to skip because in these cases we have won just be getting to the gym. We have conquered our own excuses.

Often, we are fine once we get going but this is not always the case. However, the point is that we have made it to our training session, we got to the gym, job done.

Every time we conquer this situation it gets easier and easier to make the right decision and get into that gym.

Step 2: Remember how you feel after a workout!

Almost every client we see is delighted once they are finished their session and proud of themselves because every good workout is an achievement.

As trainers we try and remind them to remember this feeling.

Every time they consider cancelling: remember this feeling.

Every time you consider skipping your run: remember this feeling.

It’s a very rare occasion when we regret our training session.

Step 3: Remember ow far you have come.

Regardless of your goals, whatever your training programme: you will be making progress.

Sometimes this progress does not manifest itself in the way we had originally hoped be you will have improved at something.

The scale might not be dropping but perhaps you can do an exercise that you couldn’t do at the start.

You might not be able to do a set of 10 pullup’s yet but the weight you lift on the pulldown may have increased.

Your mobility and flexibility may have increased.

You may feel more strong and stable in your work life.

You may be sleeping better.

Do not underestimate these improvements, they are all part of the bigger picture.

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