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What's the first image that comes to mind when you think of protein powder? Probably a jacked guy making a post-workout shake, right? It's time we rehab protein powder's image. Let go of fear, bust through myths, and learn about the power of protein!

Women may actually benefit more from protein powder than men do. Men who are involved in a general fitness program typically have enough protein in their diet, whereas many women fall short. Protein powder can help fill in the gaps.

Experts believe that women who are active or trying to lose weight may need even more to keep their muscles strong and their metabolisms revved.


Protein is an essential component of the muscle-building process. Yet, many women stray away from consuming enough protein for maximum results. While your body needs carbs and healthy fats for energy, protein is essential for tissue growth and repair. If you're regularly working out in the gym, a lack of protein in your diet can hinder your body's ability to recover and grow!

With an abundance of research suggesting the importance of adequate protein intake for both overall health and your physique, especially for women, we’re here to show you why whey protein is one of your best options.


In addition to being affordable and delicious, whey protein offers a number of benefits to active women that other protein sources can’t. We’ve highlighted some main reasons why whey should be your go to form of protein powder.

1. Whey protein builds more lean muscle

There are many types of protein powder on the market, but the most useful for both muscle building and fat-burning programs is whey protein. Whey protein is a fast digesting, fast absorbing protein.

Why is this important? Studies shows its fast absorption rates help stimulate muscle growth better than other slower absorbing proteins. By getting these vital nutrients to your muscles faster, you’ll be able to make more progress quickly and see results faster.

2. Whey makes your body burn more calories

In addition to the fact that whey helps build more lean muscle which boosts your resting metabolic rate on its own, studies also show, that whey is superior to both casein and soy when it comes to increasing your body’s metabolism.

On top of that, whey was also shown to burn more fat (fat oxidation) compared to soy.

3. It helps control cravings

While whey is the fastest digesting of the various types of protein powder, protein by nature is slow digesting and keeps you feeling fuller for longer periods of time than carbs or fat. This means a high-protein, low-calorie whey protein shake can increase satiety and reduce cravings.

One of the sneakiest ways extra calories get into your diet is through mindless snacking in the late morning and afternoon. So next time you have a workday craving for sweets, consider grabbing a whey protein shake and know that you’re doing your body a healthy, delicious favor!

4. It may help boost your mood

Studies have shown other great benefits of whey protein besides those related to muscle building and fat loss. Some studies have shown that proteins containing large amounts of the amino acid tryptophan can improve stress control, improve coping abilities and potentially increase serotonin (the happy hormone).

Whey protein is naturally high in tryptophan, making it an excellent choice that can potentially boost your mood!

5. Whey can boost your immune system

In addition to strengthening your muscles, whey protein can also strengthen your immune system!


One of the reasons that some women shy away from protein is because they believe the myths. Don't let false rumors cost you gains. Clear up confusion by separating fact from fiction.

Myth: Protein Will Cause You Too Look Bulky

Protein will make you stronger. Associate it with powerful, lean muscle gains, not a masculine physique. Choosing chicken over chocolate and hitting the weights hard won't turn you into an "overly ripped" version of yourself. Put your mind at ease and know that this simply won't occur.

Ladies, remember that your body contains just a fraction of the testosterone needed to build up lean muscle tissue. Even with the addition of protein, you're not going to pack on muscle the same way your male counterpart might. Your body can also only make so much lean muscle per day. Excess protein won't necessarily increase your muscular development. Excess protein gets broken into amino acids to be used as fuel or excreted, so don't worry too much about this myth.

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