Posted in Health and Wellness by Rogue Fitness on 01 November 2017

I had always said to myself that when I got engaged I would finally “invest” in a personal trainer so that I could be in the best shape possible for my wedding day. I didn’t know much about personal trainers except that they were expensive, celebrities had them and I didn’t want one that would yell at me!

I put the feelers out and Rogue Fitness came highly recommended so I went on line and booked a complimentary consultation at Rogue Fitness. I remember being quite nervous on the day of the consultation. For some reason I was scared of being judged for being out of shape and waiting, superficially, until my wedding to make the decision to get fit just so I could look good!

Turns out I met with Alison and we had a great conversation. She immediately put me at ease. She was warm, friendly and asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve. I got the impression right away that she was passionate about her career and helping people improve their overall health and not just a quick fix.

After the consultation I signed up for two private 60 minute sessions per week, just myself and my trainer, so I didn’t have to worry about feeling self conscious and I could focus on myself and achieving my goals. I was also provided with a nutritional program based on my goals that was easy to follow. I found out that eating right was 90% of the battle and that protein was my friend. I also learned that all those years I spent doing two hour elliptical sessions were not the best workout for me. Weight training became my other best friend.

I will never forget my first workout at Rogue Fitness. I was scared. I felt like I was somewhat fit and not that poorly out of shape. I mean I had been going to the gym for years, but had never lost that last ten pounds. I’m not going to lie I found the first training session tough and on the drive home my entire body was shaking. It was a wake up call and a shocking realization that it wasn’t all about looking good. In fact, that was just a benefit of this whole process. It was actually about feeling good and being strong both inside and out.

As I kept up my training sessions with Rogue Fitness, I felt myself getting stronger and stronger. Each session I would come home with confidence at being able to do more reps or being able to lift more weight. I would surprise myself at how competitive I was becoming.

I never realized how this experience would transform my life. Rogue Fitness provided me with the support I needed to learn how to exercise effectively and how to push my body to reach it’s potential, but also provided valuable support on a personal level. Over time, I noticed myself becoming more confident, giving myself more self-worth and speaking up for myself in situations where I would normally stay silent.

I think many people, myself included (before I began this journey), equate someone going to a personal trainer as someone who is vain and has money to burn. It is actually the complete opposite. Honestly, going to a personal trainer and eating right is not as expensive as it seems.

I never hesitated when spending money on a bottle of wine or a night out so why would I hesitate over investing in my health and happiness. In the long run, cooking at home and bringing my lunches to work is more affordable and better for my body and spending two evenings a week improving myself is where I want to be investing.

I finally feel like I have control over my life in all aspects. I am excited to continue working with Rogue Fitness as I become stronger, more confident, healthier and happier each day. I still have a long way to go and a lot of goals I want to accomplish. This experience has been so much more than I thought it ever could be…and yes, I have to say, slipping into a pair of skinny jeans does feel pretty good too!

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