Posted in General Fitness by Rogue Fitness on 17 July 2017

Nutrition hacks! By Alison Chambers

Low calorie alternates to staple foods are key to staying on track, here are a few of our favourites at Rogue Fitness!

Cottage cheese instead of mayonnaise or sauces.

Often when we cook a meal or go out to lunch the main ingredients in the dish are in fact quite low calorie, chicken for example. However it’s high calorie, cream filled sauces that are the problem. Cottage cheese goes or everything and is filled with casein protein. Try it on your egg white omelette at breakfast, your chicken salad at lunch or your lean steak at dinner. If the consistency turns you off, simply pop it in a blender and then the fridge, presto, you have cream cheese! Choose the low fat version to further curb your calorie intake.

Oats instead of cereals for breakfast.

Oats are a great source of energy and are so versatile. A pot of overnight oats is the easiest breakfast ever and the options are limited only your imagination. Strawberries and chocolate whey protein for an additional protein boost. Add nuts and seeds for a bit more crunch or cinnamon to further increase the thermic effect of feeding.

Mashed avocado instead of butter.

While avocados do pack a punch in terms of calories, they are full of health benefits which means they should be including in the diet in moderation. A small amount goes a long way too which is great if we use it to thicken up our smoothies or add a small amount to our soda bread in the morning.

Frozen greek yogurt instead of ice-cream.

This is a great treat for the kids too if you want to keep them healthy and full of energy. Most diets in the western world could be described as carb-heavy and Irish diet is certainly one of them. We often have toast at breakfast, bread with lunch and spuds at dinner. Greek yogurt is a great snack which is high in protein and is a great addition to a carb rich diet. Protein is important to balance our blood sugars and this is the best way of maintaining a healthy weight throughout life.

Plain popcorn instead of crisps.

The perfect go to snack, popcorn itself is low calorie and an ideal option for the cinema or if you are entertaining. Just make sure it’s not covered in salt and/or caramel.

Low fat versions of your favourite foods.

This is a controversial one but if we keep things simple and consider the fact that we need to be in an energy deficit for weight loss to occur, it makes sense to eat a little less fat as it contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein. Most of the time the difference to the taste is negligible.

We include comprehensive nutrition guidelines with suggestions like these to all our clients. For more information book in for a free consultation using the following link.