Posted in General Fitness by Rogue Fitness on 24 July 2017

Weekly blog: Our top 5.

By Alison Chambers

This is the first of a new series where we list our top 5 fitness/health products available in Kinsale town or the surrounding area.

We will also feature some great products which may have to be sourced online.

These products will vary from meals in restaurants to gym gear and everything in between.

So here it goes:

1. Vivanco Sports Earphones available at Frank Curtain’s electrical.

At a great price of €19.99 these are a great find. They are really comfortable and sit in the ears really well. Light weight and a super cool fluorescent green, they are eye catching with a great sound quality. You can purchase very expensive headphones which are excellent quality but if you are on a budget these are a great option.

2. PB Fit powdered peanut butter in Supervalu, Kinsale

What a find, I have been living on this since I found it. Obviously powdered peanut butter can be ordered online as this one isn’t cheap, at over €6.00 however for pure convenience pop on up to Supervalu. This product has 90% less fat and you can have a 12g serving for only 52 calories. This is negligible in comparison to traditional peanut butter.

3.Eat, Sweat, Play by Anna Kessel

This a brilliant read, very absorbing and easy to read. Ideal for your beach holidays. She discussing women in sport and the changing attitudes towards them. There is still a huge gap in society when it comes to wages and equal opportunities for women and Anna definitely illustrates that bias exists in sport also, however it is unfortunately self-perpetuated by women themselves. To get a more depth insight check out the book.

4. Oxylent Multi-Vitamin from all good pharmacies.

This is a soluble multi-vitamin which includes all the necessary compounds to keep you in good health. It is a very well-known brand and respected in holistic health industry in particular. There are a couple of flavours and it tastes great. I even use it to give myself a bit of a boost after a late night. I try to encourage all my clients to take a multi-vitamin of some sort as we are almost always lacking something in our diet. It’s very easy to take one per day and then at least our basic health is supported.

5. Power breakfasts at the Lemon Leaf Café.

The place to be if you fancy sitting down and recovering after your workout or have a few minutes to relax and fuel up before your session at Rogue Fitness!

They have great options from protein shakes to green juices to delicious protein balls. Tracy is committed to providing healthy alternatives to traditional breakfasts and breads and has worked with Rogue Fitness to develop her range.

For more information on how you can improve your health and fitness book in for your free consultation using the link below.