Posted in General Fitness by Rogue Fitness on 28 August 2017

Our top 5 tips when training for a run!

Whether it be a quick 5k or an ultramarathon there are a number of tips which apply to everyone when they decide to undertake a road race.

Obviously, these tips are a starting point and further planning will be needed as you go through the process but the following 5 tips are an excellent starting point for anyone.

  1. Pick a race……

…..and give yourself plenty of time to prepare. There is no deadline here. You have decided to give it a go, so pick a sensible race to start with. It’s not as if you have made the decision therefore you must run one in the next fortnight, just take your time. Start by committing, getting your head in the game and get out onto the road. We must walk before you can run as they say. This leads us to our next point…..

  1. Start slowly

You may think you can just pop on the trainers and run a quick 5k but if you are new to running you may well be crippled with muscle soreness for the following week. Save yourself the pain and build up slowly. This will also help to protect you against injury. Start with adding a few jogging intervals to your normal walk. Then extend these intervals and slowly decrease your rest periods. This does not have to happen linearly. You might stick to the same interval for a few runs and then change it or you could decide to increase your speed a little. If you are new to racing and just want to run for the entire duration focus on increasing the interval. Then, if you are looking to beat your time, you may need to increase your speed also. You can use any combination you like as long as the intensity and duration increases towards your desired distance.

  1. Prehab!

Deep tissue massage, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments: whatever works for you is fine but make sure you have relatively regular treatments throughout your journey. They need not be weekly or even fortnightly but listen to your body. Foam rolling and stretching after your runs will also help. Look for a comprehensive stretching programme and spend some time researching this. Stretch and mobilise the joints, particularly the hips, as well as the leg muscles. The upper body can also hold a surprising amount of stress while running so don’t leave it out in your cooldown regime.

  1. Invest in good gear

Trainers are especially important here. Go to a reputable store where staff can assess your gait and/or simply give you good advice. Running shoes are far more specific than just cross training runners, so they may cost more. However you cannot put a price on safety. They are designed to protect and support your joints and your body as best as possible and the importance of proper alignment, which is assisted by good quality runners, cannot be overemphasized. Also take note of what clothes are most comfortable for you on your training runs. If a certain top catches you under the arms, leave it at home or if a certain pair of running pants just don’t fit right, choose another pair.

  1. HAVE FUN!

Training should be an enjoyable process. Most of those who undertake a road race are doing so to contribute towards their overall health. Getting stressed about it will only have the opposite effect. Think about it, worst comes to the worst, you can just walk. There are hundreds and even thousands of people doing these events, nobody is looking at you and nobody is judging you so enjoy yourself.

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