Posted in Health and Wellness by Rogue Fitness on 16 August 2017

Start eating breakfast!!

This is one of the first habits we tell our clients looking to live a healthier lifestyle to adopt.

Breakfast is a non-negotiable and regularly starting the day with a nourishing breakfast can:

  • Make you healthier and happier
  • Improve morning energy and concentration levels
  • Provide valuable nutrients such as calcium and protein
  • Help you to maintain a healthy weight; breakfast eaters are more likely to be at their happy weight than breakfast skippers!
  • Eating a balanced breakfast can help you to reach your recommended nutrient intakes, reduce the temptation to snack mid-morning and fuel a morning workout or re-fuel after one!

Overnight oats are great because they can be made the night before ensuring you have healthy breakfast ready and waiting for you on rising.

Serves: 1


  • 40g gluten-free porridge oats
  • 200g fat free natural yogurt
  • Mixed blueberries, strawberries and raspberries


  1. Layer the porridge, yogurt and fruit in a jar or bowl.
  2. Cover and put in the refrigerator overnight so the porridge absorbs all the yogurt.
  3. In the morning stir so all the layers are mixed together and top with more fruit.

Toppings ideas:

Mixed Berries (Blueberries/ raspberries) & seeds (Sunflower/ Pumpkin seeds)

Chopped banana, pecans nut and a drizzle of honey

Grated apple, cashew nuts and a drizzle of honey

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