Posted in Health and Wellness by Rogue Fitness on 07 November 2016

I have been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 20 years now. During this time I have witnessed clients become so disheartened when they step on the scales, even though their body composition and fitness has improved 10 fold.

Paying so much attention to a “numerical value” of progress and effort can become soul destroying for both client and trainer.

As a health professional I have to tell you with complete conviction that someone’s weight only reveals a small part of the results they are achieving. I have always preferred more tangible measurements as an indicator of progress. There is no greater measure in my opinion than clothes or the mirror, this is why:

Muscle weighs more than body fat on the scales. Therefore, you may in fact have decreased your body fat percentage, but also gained a bit of muscle. This could yield either no change or even an increase on the scales. You would likely feel very frustrated and disappointed, when in fact this is a positive change!

The fluctuations you notice with daily weights tell you more about if you are hydrated or not, as opposed to how much weight you have lost. If you were to weigh yourself as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, and then again at lunchtime, you would likely find your weight has gone up, as you have had something to eat and drink.

Many of you have probably experienced this when you have come to see us and jumped on our scales. It is usually a different number than your scales at home. This proves that your weight on scales is not universal, and just gives you a rough indication of how things are going.

You are about to embark upon a great opportunity to feel and look fabulous with our Inferno Programme… So let’s start as me mean to go on, let’s enjoy this process, learn from your Inferno team and most importantly leave the “scales neurosis” in the past.

My best advice for you to keep positive moving forward is to:

  • Pay attention to your clothes. The way your clothes fit is the best indication of weight loss. Buy an outfit a couple of sizes down from your current size, hang it up somewhere that you can see often, and then try it on every couple of weeks to see how it fits.
  • Focus on non-weight goals. This is an important one. While we understand that for all the effort you are putting into losing weight, you want to see a decrease on the scales, we encourage you to think about some goals that are focussed on the other positive benefits of weight loss. For example, this may be to have more energy, improve your fitness, take up a sport or whatever is motivating for you. You will probably find that reaching these goals is just as satisfying as weight loss!
  • Allow for fluctuations. It is quite normal for your body weight to go up and down a little… I repeat: It is normal for your body weight to go up and down a little!

I would like to wish you great success with the Inferno Programme, the team remain committed to helping you achieve your goal. Trust in us, stick to the plan, stay focussed and most importantly have fun!

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Yours in Health,

Kelly Berry MSc Ex & Nutr, Sci.