Posted in General Fitness by Rogue Fitness on 01 June 2017

In a new blog series we will introduce the staff at Rogue Fitness.

First up:


Your position:

Elite trainer

Public Relations and Operations Manager

Your philosophy:

Long term health and wellness should not be a never-ending battle. Keep it simple and listen to your body. Eat when you need to eat, exercise when your body needs to move. Incidentally, this is several times per day:) I want to educate my clients so they understand what the right choices are for them and how to make them. I want them to understand why they are exercising, why we choose to train in a certain way. Listening to your body is the single most important skill we can learn. If we concentrate on creating positive habits our bodies will do the rest. If we train it to use the right nutrient for the right purposes, it will do the rest. If we train ourselves to rely on sugar, we will rely on sugar. If we train ourselves to enjoy movement by choosing exercise modalities that we enjoy, exercise will no longer be something to endure. Recognise how lucky we are to be able to move, push ourselves past the point of comfort and develop as a person through education and awareness. Think of those less fortunate!

Your credentials:

NCEHS, Level 4 in Personal Training and Fitness instruction.

Various short courses in working with different populations.

MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science.

The memory:


The most painful memory of my life!

My sister and I minus a stitch of clothing and having to be hosed down. I’m still traumatised!

The person:

My Father, who nearly killed himself to make sure we were educated.

The sport:


My very first love.

The place:

Garretstown Beach in the summer! Heaven!

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