We’ve a no “nonsense” approach to nutrition and strongly believe in long lasting sustainable lifestyle changes through realistic and honest nutritional planning. We encourage you to eat real food as close to its natural source as possible. Keep it simple.

We place as much emphasis on nutrition and diet as we do on personal training. Understanding the balance needed between the demands of your daily activity, the need to support your training and the impact on health is the key to a successful clean nutritional plan.

We understand there is a lot of conflicting information on diet and nutrition, we also understand that diets are like fashion – trends come and go! Our no nonsense approach helps you understand what will work for you and achieve the changes you want.

Initial Consultation

The first consultation takes approximately an hour. We’ll discuss your medical history, current health status and your reasons for seeking assistance in depth. We will also address your knowledge, behaviours and environmental circumstances regarding your nutrition and their influences upon your food choices, discussing those in relation to your goals and needs.

The information gathered from the consultation will act as a foundation for further investigation and on-going support services. You can expect to leave the first consultation with some clear verbal guidance and clarity regarding the correct route to take on your road to improved health and wellbeing.

Expert Analysis

You may decide that you require additional support in the implementation of the recommended actions generated from the initial consultation via further analysis. This will involve our expert assessing your case in detail.

All factors from current health status to underlying issues will be investigated, from which a thorough and realistic intervention will be formulated specific to your needs. You will receive menu plans, educational resources and support in rolling out the actions prescribed.

Weight Loss

To lose weight, you don’t need a low calorie diet or a faddy diet or a meal replacement diet. You can eat delicious food that suits you and your metabolism and makes you feel great. During your consultation we’ll investigate the underlying reasons for your weight gain or inability to lose weight; assessing behavioural and environmental influences as well as current dietary practices.

Your personalised nutrition programme enables you to shed the extra pounds and keep them off. Regular meetings and ongoing support is vital to help you reach your goal, you will not be alone.

Preventative Nutrition

Preventative nutrition involves becoming actively involved in nutrient selection in an attempt to avoid a specific health concern. Maybe your doctor has warned you about your cholesterol levels or heart disease runs in the family.

A preventative nutrition consultation will look at your risks in relation to your current lifestyle and propose the best course of action. The analysis process would facilitate detailed menu planning to target and work towards eliminating this concern, whilst addressing barriers to adherence.

Nutrition after Sickness

The correct planning of nutrition during and after a period of illness is essential. The right macronutrient and micronutrient balance is so important to optimise recovery. Nutritional issues arising from illness may include muscle wastage, sugar stabilisation issues and nutrient-drug interaction.

The consultation and analysis process will provide detailed nutritional planning and prescription identifying the right foods in the correct ratio to facilitate recovery and improved health.

Performance Nutrition

Performance nutrition is the application of nutrition to improve sporting performance and aid recovery. A consultation of this nature is ideal for those individuals engaged in competitive sports or equally someone dedicated to enhance their own exercise regime.

The analysis process ensures the principles of precision nutrition are applied, taking into account every aspect of an individual’s daily intake on and off the pitch. Detailed menu plans for training and non-training days will be provided.

Teen Nutrition

The teen nutrition service is often two-fold. There are undoubtedly specific nutritional needs for the growing teenager that will be addressed, but additionally to t, adopting positive health behaviours early in a person’s life can have a dramatic effect on their health status as the years roll by. Our expert specialises in getting teenagers to engage in positive health behaviours, via mentoring, education and fun.

If you are having trouble getting your teenager to select more wisely when it comes to meal times or would like them to become more involved and aware regarding their own health, a teen nutrition consultation would be perfect. From which you may enrol them in our Rogue Teen fitness classes or Teen club which is specially designed for their needs. Our teen nutrition service also covers attitudes and behaviours towards food that may cause a parent concern.