Rogue Health delivers a comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Management Program combining:

  • A personal eating plan, adhering to scientifially proven dietary approaches
  • A realistic exercise plan that fits into your lifestyle
  • Liifestyle monitoring technology so your health coach can remotely monitor on a daily basis what you are eating, your daily movement and exercise and your overall adherence to the program.
  • Regular private session with your very own health coach

Accountability is the Key to Success

You will have weekly one to one sessions with your dedicated health coach and regular measurements of your biometrics. Your chances of reaching your health goals are much higher when you have someone holding you accountable and you taking responsibility.

Daily Monitoring

Our lifestyle management program allows you to easily monitor every calorie for every meal by simply using an on line food diary which contains a large extensive library of foods. As you log your food intake daily, we can track your adherence to your eating plan and advise you on a daily basis where and how to make adjustments.

An activity tracker will also allow you to monitor your levels of activity throughout the day and counting your steps with a fitness device is an easy and fun way to stay on track and see yourself getting fitter and healthier.

Specialist Team

With permission your doctor will be consulted by your Chronic Disease Specialist and kept up to date with your progress.  You don’t have to do a thing, we will take care of this for you!  All our clinically proven protocols are medically recognised.  We will monitor and mentor you towards improved health and wellbeing.