Rogue Health Client Success: -73lbs Weight, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Lowered

Michael is 38 and started out the program at 137kg weight with a BMI of 43 (Obese 3). His blood pressure was systolic 145 – Stage 1 Hypertension and high cholesterol at 8.1.

Over the intervening 3-4 months Michael diligently followed the Rogue Health Program as directed by his health coach, focusing on his nutrition, physical activity and weight management.

  • To date Michael has lost a massive 73lbs in weight. Taking him from stage 3 Obesity to stage 1 Obesity.
  • His Blood Pressure levels have significantly reduced by 2 grades to ‘High/Normal’ levels. As a result of the healthy eating plan with lower sodium and increased exercise Michael’s blood pressure reduced down from stage 2 Hypertension to safe level normal levels. Essentially Michael reversed high blood pressure. This was done without any medication.
  • His Cholesterol dropped from 8.1 to 5.0  “Increased Risk” to Normal.

Accountability and adherence monitoring is the unique thing about this program. I really like the tracking and the remote adherence monitoring. It kept me accountable every day and my weekly one on ones with Kelly helped me work on changing my behavior.

They designed a very specific eating plan for lowering my blood pressure along with my weight loss objectives. They tracked my daily eating, exercise and my weight loss progress. There was no hiding; it’s big brother stuff!  As a result my blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped from very high to normal. More importantly for me my quality of life has improved dramatically. My energy levels are much higher; I have improved concentration and feel far more motivated and driven in work. I now feel like I can keep up while running around with my kids which is a huge plus.” 

Calorie Output:

 Exercise Steps

Michaels Weight loss over 3 Months

Blood Pressure Down 2 Levels